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Private Dressage Lessons

We offer private lessons for riders of all ages and levels, from beginners through to FEI level dressage, $70 45mins - 1hr.

Lunge lessons on one of our horses, $70 for 30mins.

Horse Training

We take horses in training from green broken through to FEI level.

At FDS all horses are trained following the classic principals of the German training scale.

We follow a systematic training approach that is based around horses being worked 5-6 days per week, all horses enjoy a varied training program that includes lungeing, cavaletti work, jumping, hacking out, fitness work (on our sand gallop track) and arena work. $350 per week, although prices may vary as we tailor training programs to suit each individual horse. 

Competition Riding

This service is available for Horses who have been in training at FDS @ $150 per competition

Horse sales and Marketing

FDS specialises in the sale preparation and marketing of quality performance horses. this service includes training, agistment, feed, grooming, photo shoots, videos, advertising and client liaison. $380 per week all inclusive.12% commission on the sale 

Horse Purchase Consultation

FDS also offers a Buyers Agency Service where we can assist clients to find the right horse to suit their individual requirements. This service includes searching, trialing and negotiate for clients. 

 Spelling Agistment

limited spaces available for spelling agistment, $20 per day.

Horse Rehabilitation 

please contact us for details on this service.